Seven great reasons to love laminate floors

If you’re looking into new flooring, laminate floors have a lot of positives you might not have thought of. Here are seven advantages to help you make your decision.


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Laminates are attractive

Patterns are available that photographically reproduce exotic timbers and minerals you would never be able to afford or even legally acquire in some cases. Some even reproduce the textures of these materials. If you used the “real thing”, you’d be damaging the environment and decimating forests; instead, laminate flooring is composed of fibres that would otherwise get dumped and burned. The range of patterns is limited only by your imagination.

Laminates are durable

These floors resist scratching, fading, stains, burns, impact and wear. Fit them correctly – with room to expand and a smooth, dry sub-floor – and they’ll serve you for years to come. They’re vulnerable to dampness, but there are sealed options or membranes for protection underneath. The wear resistance should suit the area where you want to use them, but the European Producers of Laminate Flooring (EPLF) award abrasion ratings to make this easy to match.


Home Ventilation: 4 Ways To Do So

download (39)Home Ventilation In Four Ways

You’re living in a home that has no form of ventilation except opening windows and doors whenever the need arises. So you may be wondering as to why there is a need to install a ventilation system.

Reasons To Ventilate Your House

1. Reduce condensation buildup. Once the air in your house becomes too humid and dense, it can no longer hold in moisture. This is when condensation begins to form, leading to problems such as mold and mildew.

2. Allergens will be properly filtered out. Opening a window or door does not always ensure that the allergens in your home will get out. Without proper ventilation, it is easy for allergens such as pollen to increase in number and become trapped in your home. A proper home ventilation system will ensure that allergens do not get the chance to fester and grow, thus making the air clearer and cleaner for those suffering from allergies.

3. Poor ventilation can lead to musty, damp conditions which lead to respiratory conditions for those suffering from asthma. Also, proper ventilation can aid in reducing mites which

Understanding the Six Different Types of Siding

download (38)When planning a home construction project, one of the decisions that you will need to make is the type of siding to use. This part of the home’s exterior has a direct impact on the effectiveness of water damage protection as well as the value of your home.

Here is a brief description of the various materials that are used to make it.


Companies that specialize in making house building materials started using vinyl in the late 1960s. Its durability, versatility, and easy maintenance led to more companies opting to use it instead of the conventional materials. One of the highlights is that it is available in different colors and patterns to suit both contemporary and modern architectural designs. Some of the most popular designs are fish scales, scallops, shingles, and vertical panels.


The best wood siding is made from pure hardwood such as red oak, beech, hickory, soft maple, and sycamore. Advancement in technology has also led to new machines that use softwoods such as redwood and cedar. The downside of using softwood is that it requires intensive maintenance and is prone to damage when

Why You Cannot Do Without Sub Floor Ventilation

images (20)Reasons Why Every Home Should Have Sub Floor Ventilation

Subfloor ventilation offers air flow in places where it is common to find mold, mildew, rotting wood and pests, usually in the subfloors of most houses and buildings. If left untreated, such conditions can lead to health complications.

How It Works

The whole point of a subfloor ventilation system is to replace the moist stale air with fresh dry air. The most basic form of this type of ventilation involves placing air ducts in strategic places around the building. After installation, natural ventilation is meant to take care of the rest. As stated, this is the most basic form, but in most cases it is not sufficient.

Simply having air ducts allowing air into and out of the subfloor is not enough, and you need the help of fans that help speed the process along. These fans will aid in expelling the moist stale air and replacing it with clean air from outside the building. Other forms of subfloor ventilation involve placing fans on one side of the building to draw in fresh air, then exhaust fans on

The Benefits Of Water Storage Tanks

images (19)The installation of water storage tanks assist in the collection of excess rainfall that can be used for various domestic purposes. Purchasing these units requires consideration as to whether the tanks will be located below or above ground offering ease of use and management. The following tips can assist in choosing the containers to store sufficient volumes of liquid.

For water savings and storage options, including an above ground tank can provide residential and commercial properties with many benefits. It is an efficient option offering cost savings for consumers who no longer need to rely on the supply from local authorities for minor watering tasks. The stored volumes are commonly used in the garden, car washing and related tasks allowing for greater savings.

Keeping the system a distance from the surface offers a more efficient storage solution including ease of maintenance. It is easier to install these types of units in comparison to the underground tanks relying on additional construction and expertise from a professional and a reputable installation company. A professional approach can determine the most effective options that are compatible with home and

Does Your Siding Have Storm Damage

download (37)Unless you are a very heavy sleeper, you certainly heard the volatile rainstorm that occurred in Central Indiana the other night. Although falling asleep to the soft drizzle of rain is relaxing, the thunder from our most recent storm was not something anyone could have easily slept through. But the surrounding community of homeowners are no longer losing sleep from thunder so much as they are losing sleep over the amount of storm damage to their home’s siding. The next day, did you see signs of storm damage on your siding? If so, it is important to have storm damages repaired properly, and within a speedy time frame, in order to protect your investment wisely.

Signs of Storm Damage

Heavy winds, rains, hail, and sleet can all occur during an aggressive rainstorm. These occurrences can all cause a wide spectrum of storm damage, especially to siding. Whether you have stucco, vinyl, aluminum, wood, or laminate siding, it can be vulnerable to storm damage. Examples of damages include holes in stucco, missing boards, broken clapboard tiles, cracks, dents, chips, abrasions, and more. But fortunately, all of

3 Top Tips for Choosing Your Bathroom Sink Unit

download (36)When it comes to selecting a cabinet or unit for your bathroom – whether this is to install your inset sink in or simply just for storage – there are many things to take into account. These include colours, size, shape, material, and the price of the product too. This can mean that people take a great deal of time thinking over their options before they make a final decision.

Although it is important to make an informed decision after considering several options, there are several tips that can be followed to make the process of making a choice much easier. Here are three pieces of advice that can help you narrow down your options to find the best sink units for you.

Firstly, bear in mind that many units actually come in standard sizes for many bathrooms, so you will not have too much to worry about in this regard. The best thing to do is to take measurements of your property and then consult a specialist retailer and see what they have in these sizes. Even if there is not one in the

Home Ventilation In An Older House

download (40)Home Ventilation For A Renovated House

According to NASA, human related activities such as chemical plants have contributed greatly to the number of greenhouse gases which have in turn caused an alarming warming trend leaving serious side effects in its wake. It’s little wonder then that one of the factors that most people look for when shopping for a house is a properly working ventilation system. But what about if you are moving to an old home that is not fitted with a modern ventilation system? The likely solution would be to install one. If you choose to go the DIY route, you may want to have a few tips in mind.

How Home Ventilation Works

In the same manner in which we need clean air to breathe, so does a house need it to stay fresh. It is important that the air that is expelled by the house’s inhabitants is replaced with fresh air. In some cases, simply opening some windows is enough to let in clean air. However, if you have installed a home heating or cooling system, then allowing in air through the

Best Way to Control Your Ultra Modern Home

download (35)We all have seen many movies featuring automated devices. They seem fascinating and almost unrealistic. However, not all of them are results of camera tricks. Today, the advancements in the world of technology have made it easy to own automated devices and gadgets. Anyone can get such devices for the home at some extra cost. Popularly known as home automation devices, some consider these devices as a part of home decor, whereas for some people, these are of great importance.

People use home automation gadgets as per their requirement and use. One can buy such devices from the local electronic store or through online electronic stores. These devices are roughly divided into two classes, i.e. security, and comfort.

Home Surveillance: Feel Safe While Alone

Earlier, regular burglar alarms were used to safeguard the home against the possible break-ins. However, today they are replaced by state-of-art home surveillance systems. Regular alarm systems use to make a sound in case of any break-in, giving burglar ample time to ransack the home and escape. Now the things have changed a lot. Once installed, a home automated system allows you

Types of Grout Sealer

images (18)What type of grout sealer you will need will depend on the type of tiles you are dealing with. For example, your bathroom flooring will need a different treatment than the splashboards in your kitchen. The different types of grout sealer include:

• Penetrating sealers-this type of sealer is also referred to as impregnator sealer. This type of sealer is the best option for most general uses. It is a highly recommended product for most of any tiling projects. They are usually the best at preventing mildew growth and stains. This grout sealer is very good when it comes to preserving and maintaining tile and grout color. At the outset it can be more costly and more intensive to apply. This sealer soaks through the top porous layers of the material, bonding to form a barrier that is impenetrable. Generally it is long lasting and can last as long as ten to fifteen years in most instances. It does not need any special care or attention except for general upkeep. When you need to replace it you will either have to strip the

The Secrets Shared by Floor Sanders

download (32)Any wood floor is individual as the grain pattern, the way in which it is laid and its colouration will create a unique floor. This is further added to as the service of floor sanding creates a truly distinctive and individual appearance.

Floor sanding is an ever-evolving provision that continuously changes. New techniques, product formulations and technology allows professionals to remain at the cutting edge of their service. These adaptations also allow the best and long-lasting finish.

Secret one considers the fact that your chosen professional should be armed with a range of in-depth information about wood finishes and how best to advise you when considering your options. Foot traffic, temperature, location, wood type and other details should all form part of the decision-making process.

Secret two looks at the fact that different finishes offer varying appearances. It may be that you are looking to match your wooden flooring to your existing décor or you may already have a vision of how you would like it to look. Best-served professionals offer an entirely bespoke re-finishing service to create a floor that matches your individual requirements.

Secret three

Is Timber Flooring A Good Choice

download (34)The decision to choose the type of flooring is made after the remodeling of a house is done. Most people go for timber flooring due to several advantages it offers. One major benefit is that it is less prone to cracking. Besides, timber flooring adds to the value of your house. Let’s know more about wooden flooring.

Advantages of wooden floors

As said earlier, timber flooring has a number of benefits. Apart from adding to your house value, it adds to the aesthetic value as well. The type of flooring you should go for is based on what you want to achieve. Now, we will look at some other advantages of wooden flooring that will make the choice a lot easier for you.

Aesthetic value

Timber also makes your house look a bit rustic. This is one of the biggest reasons many people choose timber for their house. While timber is harder to install, its naturalistic look will make you feel as if your old house is new. Moreover, timber flooring offers great comfort unlike marble flooring. I am sure comfort is an important thing to you

Don’t Wait to Buy More Flooring

download (33)If you are getting new flooring for your home – whether carpeting, laminate, vinyl, hardwood or other material – be sure you get all you need or think you will need. All too often homeowners buy flooring and finish one room with the hopes of finishing another room later down the road with the same material, only to find that the flooring has been discontinued and is no longer available!

Don’t let this happen to you. We all know procrastination is not the most efficient way to go through life. Many times you can get away with it, and some people even thrive on it by having the added pressure to get a project done before a looming deadline. That is fine if it’s something within your control. However, with flooring, there is no guarantee that what’s in the store one day will still be there another month or year later.

Flooring styles are constantly changing and evolving. Manufacturers create different styles that have varying shelf lives. Some may last for 10 years while others may only be available for a couple of years. There

Home Water Filtration Systems Which Can Give Your Home Clean and Clear Water

download (31)Whatever culture you’re from, whatever lifestyle you lead, there is one thing which is constant and that is the need of pure water for your home. Water in an untreated or contaminated form is nothing short of a deadly disease carrier. Depending upon the kind of activities in the surrounding environment, the soil conditions and a lot of other uncontrollable factors, your water supply may be carrying a combination of chemicals, particles, organisms and even radiations which are not good for your health. The need for pure water was recognized way back and for several years now, there have been countless methods implemented for making water healthy and safe for consumption. Basic measure such as boiling to highly sophisticated machines, there is serious technology in place for water purification.

Let’s understand some of these techniques and see how each helps eradicate impurities from water.

Distillation: The most tried and tested method which has been going on for generations. Works by boiling the water and sending the vapors to a condenser which converts the vapor back into its original form with added purity. By doing this,

Four Reasons to Use Recycled Building Materials

download (30)Do-it-yourself projects are a great way to upgrade or renovate your home. Digital resources, like YouTube, can be a source of inspiration and information to help anyone get started. Here are 4 tips for your next project with an emphasis on how recycled building materials can keep costs down while ensuring your project is both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly!

It’s Green

“Green” projects have started to trend with builders and DIY enthusiasts. Reclaimed and recycled materials are often available at community resale stores. They can help keep the carbon footprint of your project low while allowing you to reuse quality building materials.

You might be surprised at how inspiring it can be to spend time browsing a local resale store. A growing interest in the creative reuse of recycled goods has spawned a vast community of people that are excited to share ideas on each other’s projects. Even a basic web search will help you find great ideas that are both creative and environmentally friendly!

It’s Cost-Effective

Have you started to budget your next DIY project and noticed how quickly costs can add up? Luckily, using recycled

10 Ways to Save Water at Home

download (29)Every concerned citizen wants to do their part as California gradually eases its way out of drought. Here are ten steps you can take today to save water in your home.

Fix leaks in your toilet and sinks

The innocuous drip in your sink may be costing you more than you think. A drip can result in up to 70 gallons of water lost per day which can be up to 20% of a household’s yearly water use.

A toilet leak can result in up 22,000 gallons of water per year. Identifying a leaky faucet or sink is a simple as seeing or hearing the drip. In the case of a toilet a leak can be identified by adding dye tablets to the tank, if dye is seen in the bowl within 15 minutes this is indicative of a leaking toilet.

Wash your car at a car wash

Do you feel like washing the car on your day off? In the event you do make sure you use a sponge, a bucket and a hose with a nozzle. If you decide the idea of a dirty car is

The Fairy Garden

download (28)Have you heard of those adorable Fairy gardens?

They’re becoming increasingly popular and more and more people love that new addition in their house or backyard.

What are Fairy Gardens?

A Fairy Garden is basically a miniature garden made of natural materials such as pebbles, wood and living plants. It’s meant to be an enchanted green scene where live tiny magical creatures such as Fairies, but also gnomes, dwarfs, elves etc. supposed to bring good luck to your home.

They usually include several components like fantastical figurines, but also miniature benches, houses, pathways, bridges and rivers that create this unique small universe and give it a charming soul.

What setting for a Fairy Garden?

Since the Fairy Gardens are created and imagined from scratch, there is an unlimited number of different types, design and themes out there!

If they are placed inside the house, they more likely will be small and grown in containers garden such as pot plants, jars or glass containers.

If they’re part of a backyard, there is no size limitation and other themes become possible like a woodland Fairy garden (installed at the food of a tree)

How Going Green Can Improve Your Life

download (27)Health and wellness, environmental impact, energy consumption, the economy – these are but a few major things that have a direct effect when we choose to go green. But what are these effects that we will be getting if we make a significant change in our lifestyle? Here are some of the benefits of choosing eco-friendly materials in our day-to-day living.

Going green can significantly extend your lifespan.

Think about eating healthy greens and local produce. You will be saving yourself from all kinds of chemicals and all other harmful ingredients that are being added to most processed foods in the market. Also, by using natural and non-toxic products at home, you are saving yourself from different kind of illnesses that might go with the chemicals that are used in making the things you are using every day.

Going green can give you cleaner air, water, and surrounding.

Our environment is becoming more and more polluted every day and the rate of the spread of pollution is much faster than the rate of restoration. The loss of biodiversity is putting every human and habitat closer to the

Sturdy Planters for Year-Round Climates

download (26)How to Choose a Container

If you aim to have a year-round garden, it’s important to understand the most effective planters, as well as the most appropriate plants. Depending on the area you live in, you may experience harsh, cold winters. Even if the climate isn’t bitter, any water that freezes and thaws can cause certain planters to crack or break.

In this sense, ceramic and clay wouldn’t be the best choice if they would be exposed to cooler temperatures for extended periods of time. For those who live in warmer climates, cracking from expanding frozen water in the soil isn’t generally a concern. Some of the best choices for cold climates include high-quality plastic, concrete, and rot-resistant wood, such as cedar.

Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to each. For wood, it’s affordable, rustic, and durable – the only drawback is the possibility of rotting wood when left untreated. Whenever you purchase wood planters, ensure that they are moisture-resistant. High-quality plastic is affordable and can mimic a range of other materials – but in some cases, they will not weather well.

Concrete planters are

UK Government ECO Scheme Provides Free Boilers to Low Income Families

images (17)ECO is short for ‘Energy Company Obligation’ which was set up by the government to combat fuel poverty. The scheme forces the 6 largest energy companies in the UK, British Gas, Npower, Scottish & Southern Energy, EDF Energy, Scottish Power and EON fund ECO initiatives to help those most in need of energy saving measures reduce their energy bills.

Eligibility criteria includes those receiving Pension Credits, Child/Working Tax Credits, Income Support/Employment Support Allowance or JSA, anyone receiving extra benefits to help people on a low income or no income at all, homes with a broken or faulty condensing boiler installed, plus applicants must be a home owner or private tenant.

Anyone who wishes to apply for a boiler grant will need to provide the details of the boiler, such as the make, model and the approximate age of the appliance, along with some proof of your tax credit or income related benefits to check your eligibility for the scheme. A new boiler is also less likely to break down or require as much maintenance, giving peace of mind and costing less in repairs.

There are significant